Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP) Breast Cancer Progression TMA Data

Annotation Data Overview

Data that are provided for each case include tumor size, TNM stage, number of nodes positive, tumor grade, age at diagnosis and race.

NOTE: The CDP breast progression TMA is not designed to have good power to examine associations with survival. Survival data are provided for the cases on this TMA as a service, but users are cautioned that this data was not considered in the overall design of the TMA.

Data Variable Description Coding
Case Type Identifies type of tissue Text (Invasive, DCIS, normal breast, normal non-breast, cell line)
Race Race of patient Text or blank (White, Black, American Indian, Asian, Unknown)
Age Age at initial diagnosis Integer or blank
T Stage AJCC (version 5) T stage TIS = Carcinoma


T1 = Tumor < 20 mm

T1a = Tumor < 5 mm

T1b = Tumor > 5 mm and < 10 mm=

T1c = Tumor > 10 mm and < 20 mm

T2 = Tumor > 20 mm and < 50 mm

T3 = Tumor > 50 mm

T4 = Tumor any size + extension

T4a = Extension to chest wall

T4b = Edema or ulceration or satellite skin nodules

T4c = Both T4a and T4b

T4d = Inflammatory carcinoma

N Stage AJCC (version 5) N stage NX = Minimum req. not met (unknown)

N0 = No evidence of regional LN involvement

N1 = Mets to movable, ipsilateral node

N1a = Only micromets (< 2 mm)

N1b = Any nodal mets > 2 mm

N1b1 = Mets to 1-3 nodes, any > 2 mm and all < 20 mm

N1b2 = Mets to= 4 or mor nodes any > 2 mm and all < 20 mm

N1b3 = Extension of tumor beyond node capsule and < 20 mm

N1b4 = Mets to nodes > 20 mm

N2 = Mets to ipsilateral nodes that are fixed to one another or to other structures

N3 = Mets to ipsilateral internal mammary lymph node

M Stage AJCC (version 5) M stage MX = Distant mets not assessed

M0 = No known distant mets

M1 = Distant mets present

Number of Nodes Positive Number of nodes positive at initial diagnosis Integer or blank
Size of Invasive Cancer in cm Measurement (in cm) of the longest diameter of the tumor Integer or blank
ER Score ASCO CAP Guidelines for ER Scoring 0 = Negative (< 1% expressing cells)

1 = Positive (= 1% expressing cells)

NA = Not applicable
PR Score ASCO CAP Guidelines for PR Scoring 0 = Negative (< 1% expressing cells)

1 = Positive (= 1% expressing cells

NA = Not applicable
HER2 IHC ASCO CAP Guidelines for HER2 Scoring 0 = No staining

1 = Weak, incomplete membrane staining in any proportion of invasive tumor cells, or weak, complete membrane staining in less than 10% of cells.

2 = Complete membrane staining that is non-uniform or weak but with obvious circumferential distribution in at least 10% of cells, or intense complete membrane staining in 30% or less of tumor cells.

3 = Uniform intense membrane staining of more than 30% of invasive tumor cells.

NA = Not applicable
HER2 FISH ASCO CAP Guidelines for HER2 Scoring 0 = Not amplified

1 = Amplified
HER2 Score Final HER2 result that is a combination of the HER2 IHC and FISH evaluations. HER2 FISH was performed for all 1+ and 2+ HER2 IHC results. 0 = Negative: IHC Score 0; or IHC Score 1+ or 2+ and HER2 not amplified with FISH

1 = Positive: IHC score 3+; or IHC Score 1+ or 2+ and HER2 amplified with FISH
Total Score Histologic grade of case 1 = Grade I

2 = Grade II

3 = Grade III

Vital Status Vital status at last contact. Obtained from administrative records, physician notes, or death certificate. Alive

Survival Time in Months Number of months from breast cancer diagnosis to death, if known, or to date last known alive. Numeric
Invasive Link Coordinates if specimen is matched to an invasive specimen that appears elsewhere on the array Alphanumeric text or blank


Array Maps, Annotation Keys and Datafiles

Below are downloadable files containing the complete annotation data for these TMAs. No additional data is available. Please contact the Mid-Atlantic Division with any questions.

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