Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP) Melanoma Progression TMA

Design Overview

CDP Melanoma Progression Tissue Microarrays are designed to survey differences in biomarker prevalence in primary, recurrent and metastatic melanoma. This TMA set utilizes a cohort of 74 melanoma patients, each of whom is represented by one or more of the following discreet lesions: Primary tumor, Recurrent tumor, Lymph node metatastasis, Dermal metastasis, Distant metastasis, and Benign nevus. Multiple lesions are sampled from 46 subjects, 28 are represented by a single lesion, and the average number of lesions sampled per subject is 2.6. Normal skin controls from 25 additional subjects are also provided. The cohort is divided into to 2 case sets arrayed onto separate paraffin blocks. Each lesion and control is sampled in duplicate with a 0.6 mm core for a total of 390 melanoma tissue cores and 50 control cores spanning two TMA blocks. This array set also includes separate TMA containing HT-144, UACC903, and SK-Mel-2 melanoma cell lines and a test TMA with an assortment of 10 normal and malignant tissues sampled with 0.6 mm cores (2 subjects per tissue sampled in triplicate, 60 cores). The CDP melanoma progression TMAs were designed and constructed by a National Cancer Institute grantee, but their statistical power is not stated. No demographic or clinical annotations are available for this TMA set.

The table below gives the distribution of melanoma lesions and control samples across the TMA set.

TMA Maps

Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP) Melanoma Progression TMA Map

Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP) Melanoma Progression TMA Map 2

Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP) Melanoma Progression TMA Key

Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP) Melanoma Progression TMA Map 3

Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP) Melanoma Progression TMA Map 4

Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP) Melanoma Progression TMA code list

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Melanoma Progression TMA Tissue List

Specimens represented in the CDP Melanoma Progression Tissue Microarrays case sets. Each case set is used to produce duplicate TMA blocks (A and B). A case set consisists of one section each of MMM I - 222 and MMM I - 226 plus one section each of TAS60 Cell Line Control, and one CDP Test TMA section.

Type of Lesion MMM I - 222 (CDP Melanoma TMA 1) MMM II - 226 (CDP Melanoma TMA 2) Total
Primary Tumor cases 15 15 30
Recurrent Tumor cases 4 1 5
Lymph Node Metastatic cases 23 27 50
Dermal Metastatic cases 34 35 69
Distant Metastatic cases 17 16 33
Benign Nevus cases 3 5 8
Total melanoma tissue specimens  96  99  195
Normal Skin control cases 13 12 25
Total melanoma & control cores (each lesion/control sampled in duplicate)  218  222  440

TAS60 Cell Line TMA cores







Total cell line TMA cores


CDP Melanoma Test TMA cases







Normal Breast


Breast Cancer


Normal Colon


Colon Cancer








Total Test TMA cores (each case sampled in triplicate)

These numbers represent the number of cases selected in the original design of the TMA. Due to the non-uniformity inherent to tissue samples and histologic techniques, not all cases will be represented in all of the TMA sections.


Array Maps, Annotation Keys and Datafiles

Below are downloadable files containing the complete annotation data for these TMAs. No additional data is available. Please contact the Mid-Atlantic Division with any questions.


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