CHTN2002N1 - Normal Human Tissues

CHTN2002N1 replicate blocks & their corresponding Auxilliary TMA designations

CHTN2002N1 replicate blocks Auxilliary TMA designation
CHTN2002N1A CHTN2002X1
CHTN2002N1B CHTN2002X2
CHTN2002N1C CHTN2002X3
CHTN2002N1D not made

TMA Layout

CHTN2002N1 - Normal Human Tissues TMA Layout

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Tissue List

Tissue Code Age Sex
breast, epithelium BE 46 F
aorta, smooth muscle CASM 27 M
heart, myocardium CHM 59 M
lymphatic endothelium CLE 27 M
small muscular artery (lung) CSMA 56 M
small vein (intestine) CSV 49 M
adrenal gland, cortex EAGC unk M
adrenal gland, medulla EAGM unk M
parathyroid adenoma EPAD 59 M
pituitary, anterior EPA 78 F
pituitary, posterior EPP 78 F
thyroid ET 48 F
esophagus, squamous mucosa GIE 81 M
gastric mucosa, antral GIGA 43 M
gastric mucosa, oxyntic GIGO 53 F
small intestine, mucosa GISI 45 M
small intestine, mucosa GISI 45 F
colon, mucosa GIC 59 F
anus, mucosa GIA 59 M
ectocervix GFEC 55 F
endocervix GFEN 60 F
endometrium, secretory GFES 49 F
fallopian tube GFFT 52 F
ovary, 1º oocytes GFOO 18 F
ovary, corpus luteum GFOCL 49 F
ovary, epithelium GFOE 51 F
ovary, stroma GFOS 51 F
seminiferous tubules GMST 72 M
epididymis GME 83 M
seminal vessicle GMSV 56 M
prostate GMP 41 M
gallbladder HPG 69 M
liver HPL 58 F
liver HPL 71 M
pancreas HPP 43 M
pancreas HPP 63 M
pancreas HPP 45 F
lymph node LLN 76 F
mucosa assoc. lymphoid tissue, appendix LMALT 17 F
spleen LS 52 M
thymus LT 32 F
tonsil LTL 4 M
cerebral cortex NCCC 78 F
cerebellar cortex, purkinje/granular layer NCPG 78 F
choroid plexus NCCP 78 F
ependymal cells NCE 78 F
hippocampus NCH 78 F
meninges NCM 78 F
motor neurons (spinal cord) NCMN 78 F
white matter (subcortical) NCWM 78 F
autonomic ganglia & nerves, intestinal NPAG 52 M
peripheral nerve NPPN 62 M
salivary gland (parotid) OSSG 65 F
tonsil, squamous epithelium OSTSE 8 F
amniotic membrane PAM 23 F
placenta, villi PV 23 F
alveoli RA 73 M
bronchus, epithelium RBE 73 M
bronchus, epithelium RBE 16 M
skin, squamous epithelium SSE 60 F
subepidermal tissue SST 60 F
subepidermal tissue SST 62 M
adipose tissue, breast STAB 39 F
cartilage, articular STCA 62 M
cartilage, bronchial STCB 79 M
skeletal muscle STSKM 49 M
smooth muscle, intestine STSMI 52 M
smooth muscle, uterus STSMU 55 F
synovium STS 62 M
kidney, cortex UKC 62 M
kidney, medulla UKM 91 M
bladder, transitional epithelium UBTE 41 M

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Code List

Code Tissue
BE breast, epithelium
CASM aorta, smooth muscle
CHM heart, myocardium
CLE lymphatic endothelium
CSMA small muscular artery (lung)
CSV small vein (intestine)
EAGC adrenal gland, cortex
EAGM adrenal gland, medulla
EPA pituitary, anterior
EPAD parathyroid adenoma
EPP pituitary, posterior
ET thyroid
GFEC ectocervix
GFEN endocervix
GFES endometrium, secretory
GFFT fallopian tube
GFOCL ovary, corpus luteum
GFOE ovary, epithelium
GFOO ovary, 1º oocytes
GFOS ovary, stroma
GIA anus, mucosa
GIC colon, mucosa
GIE esophagus, squamous mucosa
GIGA gastric mucosa, antral
GIGO gastric mucosa, oxyntic
GISI small intestine, mucosa
GME epididymis
GMP prostate
GMST seminiferous tubules
GMSV seminal vessicle
HPG gallbladder
HPL liver
HPP pancreas
LLN lymph node
LMALT mucosa assoc. lymphoid tissue, appendix
LS spleen
LT thymus
LTL tonsil
NCCC cerebral cortex
NCCP choroid plexus
NCE ependymal cells
NCH hippocampus
NCM meninges
NCMN motor neurons (spinal cord)
NCPG cerebellar cortex, purkinje/granular layer
NCWM white matter (subcortical)
NPAG autonomic ganglia & nerves, intestinal
NPPN peripheral nerve
OSSG salivary gland (parotid)
OSTSE tonsil, squamous epithelium
PAM amniotic membrane
PV placenta, villi
RA alveoli
RBE bronchus, epithelium
SSE skin, squamous epithelium
SST subepidermal tissue
STAB adipose tissue, breast
STCA cartilage, articular
STCB cartilage, bronchial
STS synovium
STSKM skeletal muscle
STSMI smooth muscle, intestine
STSMU smooth muscle, uterus
UBTE bladder, transitional epithelium
UKC kidney, cortex
UKM kidney, medulla

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